Marina Bay Spa Review


When you’re all stressed out from the city life, and looking for a rejuvenating spa experience around the Metro, there’s a newly opened spa which is ready to take all your stress away.

Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club opened last September 21, 2017, which offers different spa and massage packages, is now already accepting customers. Located along the Seaside Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

The Marina Bay and Lifestyle Club brings the dramatic energy and power of the sea with its rich compositions, colors, and endless marine beauty.” –


When I arrived at the place, the security guards greeted me with a great smile and opened the door for me. My first expression was “Wow”. This place is indeed very cozy. It looks so classy and not awkwardly quiet. You can hear whistling birds and the sound of the sea water washing through the shore being played in a minimal, calming tune, that definitely adds up to a relaxing feel. A feeling which I always look for whenever I go for spa.


The interiors have been carefully chosen. The tones and the lights are perfectly working together.


The receptionist welcomed me, led me to sit on the sofa, and offered their welcome drinks which is a glass of refreshing cold water, infused in lemon, lime and orange.


After which, the spa/massage menu was handed over, and she carefully explained the services being offered. She also mentioned that Marina Signature massage is Maldives inspired massage (medium to hard points).


When my girlfriends arrived, we decided the avail the wellness spa. This was recommended to us as we like it soft  to medium. It’s priced at P1500, with inclusion of 60 mins massage, access to wet area, and buffet.

We were given a bracelet, as a key in our designated lockers. Slippers, bath robe, and towels were also provided. In the locker area, there’s hair dryer for public use. Handsoap, lotion, sanitizer, ear buds and deodorant spray were also provided for free of use if ever you left yours.


There’s also a shower area where guests can use Shiseido shampoo, conditioner and body soap, that were ordered straight from Japan.


The wet area can be accessed by those who availed the body massage/spa package. Apparently, this is not a common area.  There’s a designated area for male and for female guests.

When using the area, they allow their guests to decide if they’ll be in swimwear or none at all, which I think is good because not everyone is comfortable being bare.

Here are the facilities inside the wet area:

Jacuzzi on the left, and steamy hot water on the right.


The steam room where the temperature can be adjusted manually based on your preference.


The sauna with adjusted temperature buttons as well. A bucket of ice and towels are provided while using this facility.


Steam rooms helps remove the body toxins and cleanses the body, whereas the sauna helps relieve muscle tensions and also helps in lowering blood pressure. Water dispenser is available in the area to avoid dehydration.

Along with the wet area, heated stone floor is available, which is first in the Philippines, also came straight from Japan. These floor has several health benefits to our body. Hot stone melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. So better not to skip the experience.


After 2 hours of staying in the wet area, we decided to go for our massage. They are using top rated aromatic essential oils, which does not only eases the stress away, but also gives a glowing after effect on the skin.


This thing below is being gonged as a sign that the massage is already starting and that the massage already ended.


After the most relaxing 60 mins of my day, we have to change to our clothes first, as the buffet area is a common place. The buffet is already included in all their body spa packages.



We got to stay in the lounge area all by ourselves. It’s their movie/lounge room with recliner couches. First layer is reclining chairs, and the second layer is the reclining bed couches. Phone chargers are available, for both android and apple users, and pillows for each and every seat. The staff informed us that, moving forward, they will have a movie screening.


They also have services for foot spa/scrub for those who want to relieve the stress and tensions from walking.


Sadly, not all facilities are allowed for non-members. They have a membership fee for those who wished to register as members. These members are entitled to have vouchers and discounts to be used in different facilities inside the spa.  Some of which are very exclusive for them and they get to use it for free or at discounted rate.

Here are the facilities exclusive for members them:

Conference Rooms – this can be used for meetings. Set-up is the same as the office conference rooms. With conference table, chairs, white board.

Gym – Treadmills are set-up, facing the Manila Bay. There are also other gym equipments available for use.


There’s also a studio room for fitness classes. They also offer TRX class which will be instructed by their certified TRX instructors.


Pool deck Area – There’s an infinity pool facing the Manila Bay. Drinks can be bought from their bar. Beach chairs, sofa chairs and tables were all set-up, facing the Manila bay, for a perfect sunset view. DJs, bands, and sounds were also set-up for chill nights.


KTV Rooms – For family and friends. The room provides a Manila Bay view and it’s 101% sound-proof.


Billiard table – One big table set-up in the middle of the bar area. Additional payment is needed for an hour game.


Bar Area – complete with wine, shot drinks.


Table Game room – where guests can play poker and mahjong.


For those who are interested in availing the membership, it is available in three categories:

a. Pearl Membership –  90,000 PHP, one year validity with Php30,000 worth of consumable spa services and 10% off on all massage services.

b. Shell Membership – 60,000 PHP, for six month validity with Php7,500 worth of consumable spa services and 10% off on all massage services.

c. Coral Membership – 270,000 PHP, one year validity with Php 45,000 worth of consumable spa services and 10% off on all massage services.

To sum it all up, we had an amazing stay in Marina bay spa. Bring your loved ones with you, family, girlfriends, and boyfriends. I’m sure you’ll also have a great quality relaxing time just like what we’ve experienced. Our P1500 went a long way. No regrets! The experience was definitely worth it, a “Holistic” one.

Marina Bay Spa and Life Style Club
Esplanade Seaside Terminal,
Seaside Blvd.,
Mall of Asia Complex,
Pasay City 1300




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