October Goals – Birthday Month Goal

I read an entry from a fellow blogger entitled “October Goals”, and it seems to be a good idea to have a monthly goals, or maybe like a monthly or yearly bucket list. But anyway, it’s better late than never, so here’s the list of my goals for the month of October and I’ve chosen to separated it into different major areas.


I was a gym rat. I usually stay, and do my routine for at least two hours a day. Not only that, I challenged myself to run, and I see to it to run at least two 10k distance per month, or a half marathon at least a month. I also enrolled myself to in a boxing clinic and go there at least once a week. All these activities happened in the past. I stopped for almost 2 months, up to date.


And now, for the month of October, as Im not getting younger anymore, I am pledging to never end a week without a running and do some lifts, and work on my core.


How can my exercises work if I won’t choose the right meal? I’ll go back slowly in eating clean, back in weekly detoxification, and I’ll try my best to avoid eating out. The last one is the least possible thing to do, but I’ll try.


To post at least an entry every week. More than a post, in a week, will be considered as an achievement. Haha.


To carefully choose which one to post. That’s at least once every three days.


I chose to live a simple life, as long as Im happy.


You? What’s your October goals? Or year long goals? I’d be happy to read what’s on your list. Feel free to share it below! x




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