My CBTL Thai Tea Experience

CBTL or Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, released 3 Thai drinks series, these are: Thai Tea Latte (small/P150, regular/P160, large/P180) served hot. Iced Thai Tea latte (regular/P165, large/P180) with one the rocks, and Thai Tea Ice Blended (regular/P165, large/P195). These Thai Teas are infused with black tea, and mixed with milk.

Tea, milk. These are the words that came into my mind when the drink touched the tip of my taste buds. Nothing fancy, it tasted like a normal milk tea but a little better. The key thing here is that the tea has a unique aromatic scent that lingers while I sip up.

Cold, sweet, bitter. These are the next adjectives that best described the tea. The drink is cold and not too sweet, slowly dispersing through my mouth. It has a hint of bitter after taste, which made me fell in love.

I continued to sip, and suddenly, I could feel the strong caffeine rushing over my veins. I’m not a coffee drinker, but rather a green tea lover. I find the kick of caffeine in their tea similarly to than of the coffees, strong and pumping booster.

As I finish the cup, my heart beats faster and faster. I find this drink too strong for me. Then suddenly, my eyes were wide awake, and I am in full conscious of my surroundings.

I should’ve took this drink earlier the day because my sleeping fairy didn’t come on the right time and it took me awhile to catch some sleep. Maybe I’ll stick to the normal milk teas. But those who loves coffee, will love this for sure.


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