Heading to the Beach – What’s on My Essentials list

Who says summer already ended? We’re basically on the midst of experiencing rainy season, but it won’t stop me from heading to the beach. I’m very excited because I’ll be flying out to Boracay Island soon! *yay* And I made this blog entry to share my beach essentials.

1. Camera

Always on top of my list. Aside from photographic memory snapshots, it’s always better to have something you can bring home and to look back to.

2. Swimwear

Without this, I won’t be able to enjoy the natural beauty of mother nature – the sea. I packed 2 pairs to use over the weekend.

3. Beach outfits

Printed rompers, shorts, top, cover-ups, maxi dresses that are perfect for my ootd. Haha! I find it funny because I don’t usually do ootds, Im pretty bad at doing modeling shots, LOL. But maybe I can try some during my travel this weekend.

4. Shades

My eyes are light sensitive, hence, this piece is always a must on my travel essentials list.

5. Hat

I’ll bring a straw hat. This piece is perfect to top off my summery vibe beach ootd look. And of course, to protect my face from the harmful sun rays.

6. Dry Bag

Now, I don’t think my swimsuits will dry up completely during the course of my travel, and I don’t want to bring home a bag full of wet clothes. Dry bag is always on my checklist whenever I go on a beach vacation.

7. Sunblock

I have a fair skin, and getting tanned is something I always want to achieve. But it’s not good to just lay down, under the sun, without slathering a good amount of sunblock.

8. Slippers/flipflops

Wearing a pair of shoes isn’t fun when you’re heading to the beach, right? Bring a pair of flips flops, wear it while walking on the shore line, or walk on bare feet, feel the sand while the water brushes through your toes.

My list is small because I have to pack light. How about you guys, what’s in your bag when you head on the beach? I’d be happy to read yours if you want to, just comment it down below. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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