Best of Philippine Street Food

I’m a sucker for street food, regardless if it’s in the Philippines, or outside our country. Just the thought of exploring street foods gets me excited.

I love trying out, except the cockroach,or any insect on a stick. Good thing it’s not that hit in the Philippines. On this post, I’ll be sharing my favorite pinoy street food.

For those who are planning to visit the Philippines, your visit won’t be complete if you will not spend time trying the listed foods below:

Disclaimer: Photos have been downloaded from google search engine.

  1. Adidas

People know this as a well-known shoe brand. But here in the Philippines, it’s one of the most delicious sought after grilled chicken feet. My family include this dish during birthdays and even on Christmas table. At times, when we feel like having one, we’ll just boil it and make an adobo until the skin melts in every bite, where the bones are easily detached when sipped.

2. Isaw


Chicken Intestine

Pig Intestine

You have a choice to either try the chicken or pig intestine. They have different tastes, but both of which are delicious, but make sure that it’s well cleaned. If the taste has a hint of bitterness, it only means that it was not cleansed well. Usually, it is grilled, and dyed in orange. This best paired with a cup of buko juice (coconut juice) and best dipped in vinegar (with lots of cucumber, onion, garlic, a little bit of salt and chili).

3. Balut

Our famous exotic egg. Crack a small hole, and sip the awkwardly delicious soup. Add a little bit of salt and vinegar, then sip again and open the egg until you see the embryo, and eat the baby duck. It’s good I swear. It’s been known to strengthen the knees — as what the elders have been telling us. But wait, watch the number of eggs, it’s also known as a great source of cholesterol.

4. Street Ice Cream or dirty Ice Cream


When you hear the bells, that’s the famous dirty ice cream. It usually started to pass by in front of everyone’s  houses by lunch. The flavors depends on the fruits by demand. There’s cheese, mango, chocolate, vanilla, avocado, strawberry. It’s scooped out from a big metal drum and put in the plastic cup or on an ice cream cone. Sometimes, you can ask to put it inside the bread as spread. I recommend you to try to put it in the bread.

5. Taho

Wake-up early to be able to try the taho or what they called as tapioca balls pudding with caramel syrup. They usually passes by around 6am – 8am in the morning. It’s a yummy tofu, with sweetened sugar syrup plus the yummy tapioca balls. It’s healthy and yummy and It’s served hot in a cup. You can choose to lessen the syrup and to request for an additional tapioca Balls. Best if you have your own mug, I swear.

In other parts of the Philippines, like for instance in Baguio, the Taho is being sold with a strawberry syrup instead of the original sugar syrup.

6. Halo-Halo

Crushed ice, with mixed beans, tapioca balls, jelly, sweetened coconut strips, topped with ube yam and leche flan (sweetened milky cream custard) and served with milk. Best dessert especially during summer.

There’s also another known halo-halo here which has different style. Simple yet yummy. So far, this is my favorite. Finely crushed ice, with sweetened coconut strips, served with milk and yummy leche flan toppings.

7. Ice Scramble

Cold pink crushed ice, served with chocolate syrup and powdered milk. It’s one of the food I grew up with. I always eat this together with number 8 right after school.

It’s not too sweet. The chocolate and milk complements the pink scramble. Plus very perfect in a tropical country like the Philippines. I swear, it’s heavenly good and cheap.

TIP: Ask kuya to add additional powdered milk, and spoon to better enjoy your cup.

8. Kwek-Kwek or Tokneneng

Kwek-kwek for the big egg coated with orange flour, and tokneneng for the quail eggs coated with orange flour. Some of the stores have different colors like green, violet, pink and yellow.

It’s very good together with vinegar. You’ll find this very common in the streets, and also in the jeep, train stations near the mall establishments. Look for a cold buko juice (coconut juice) or the gulaman (sugary sweet with black jelly).

9. Fish balls, squid balls, Kikiam and Chicken balls

Very very common. The street food which never gets expensive. When I was in my grade school days, fishballs were sold at .50 php cents. After more than 10 yrs, it’s still .50php cents per piece. All of them are best paired with the sweetened sauce + little bit of vinegar.

TIP: Ask kuya to toast the balls. And again, best paired with buko juice or gulaman.

Have you tried any of these? Or do you want to share some of your pinoy street food? Feel free to share it below ❤️



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