Sweet Treats from Tsuiteru

Tsuiteru Manila is a dessert shop that bakes breads, pastries and sweets.

What caught my attention is the matcha sticks.

The stick comes white plain chocolate, matcha almond and choco almond. Definitely recommending to try their matcha almond, not too sweet, not to bitter. The taste is just right, hindi nakakaumay.

One bite gives a crunch and a hint of matcha taste. Perfect for matcha lovers like me.

I get to try the cookies. Imagine the softness of your mama’s home baked cookies, where you can taste the yummy cookie dough, soft and heavenly good. And that’s how chewy their cookies are. Every bite is fully packed with chocolate that melts in your mouth.

They also have muffins, Spanish bread and Croissants. All of which are very delish, perfect to be paired with a cup of coffee, or a fancy tea.

Their goodies are budget friendly. It’s worth a try, and you’ll definitely come back for more. When I tried a matcha stick, I came back to buy another pack 😂

Tsuiteru Manila – +632 2512163

You can also check their ig: @TsuiteruPH



    1. Hi Anna, thank you so much for your great review of Tsuiteru. We get our high from hearing about how our customers enjoyed our products. Hope you can catch us in our next bazaar. We’ll be at the Baker’s Dozen in Power Plant Mall on all weekends of November 2017. Thanks once again and more power to your blog!

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