The Massive Fashion You’ll Wear

Im living each day believing on the saying “Age is just a number”. Though, we cannot stop the process of aging, there are several ways where we can slow it down.

I spend more on taking care of my skin as compared with doing make-ups. I don’t think that make-up can hide my blemishes all through out my life, and at times, it magnifies the horrible breakout. I also notice that the more I hide my blemishes, the more it gets infected.

I’m already on my late twenties, with such, I’ve chosen to take care of my skin the same as how Korean’s do. I apply several layers of products on my face, most especially when I’m not so tired from work. I’m slowly looking into incorporating beauty essential oils too, as I can see that my skin is loving that too.

Along with the face, I always ensure not to neglect my neck. Did you know that skin on the neck also sags when we get old?

To start the skincare thread, here’s a sneak peak of the products I am currently using. And some of it are about to be emptied, instead of maybe getting the same product, I’ll look for another product in replacement. I’m also thinking of maybe sharing some tips and some of my diy skincare.

So for beauty and skin care addicts, drop your blogs below. I’d be happy to visit and read them. Moving forward, Hope to meet beauty enthusiasts 🙂




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