[REVIEW] One Earth Organics – Rosehip Oil

One Earth Organics, a company which swears by to sell only guilt-free organic products. Their products are formulated with no harmful chemicals, only natural, plant-based formulas and ingredients.

Wouldn’t it be nice to slather pure organic on your skin? Remember, whatever you put on your skin is being thoroughly absorbed, you wouldn’t really know the side effects of chemical until you experience it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

And since I go crazy on good products, here I am, enjoying my 3rd bottle of rosehip oil. OEO Rosehip is a cold-pressed rosehip, a high quality beauty oil comes in a dropper amber frosted bottle.


These are some benefits of Rosehip oil:

✨ Improve scars (wound scars, acne scars, scarring from psoriasis, scarring from eczema, scars from chickenpox)

✨ Stretch Marks

✨ Hyper-pigmentation

✨ Dermatitis

✨ Improve fine lines and lessen wrinkles

✨ Burns

✨ Skin damaged caused by sun exposure

✨ Skin elasticity and resilience

✨ Moisturizing

✨ Aging

About the Product

Scent : It has a mild scent. (I can’t actually think of anything to compare the scent with).

Consistency: A little bit thicker compared to olive oil.

Color: transparent

Value for Money: worth it as this is really effective. I consider this as HG product. A good price (P340) for a bottle of rosehip, and it lasts me for 10-11 months. Definitely worth the price 🙂

Overall: Yes, I’ll continue using this product. I’ve already finished two bottles of rosehip, and I’m still loving it. I use this product in almost all parts of my body (hehe😂). I have a sensitive skin, but I didn’t experience any negative reactions.



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