[REVIEW] It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Goodnight Sleeping Capsule

I got this sleeping mask from It’s Skin Singapore which retails for $4 SGD. There are different types to choose from, depending on your skin concerns.

Ye: Energy, Vitality

Gf: Moisture, Calming

Vc: Vitality, Moisturizing

Li: Clear Skin

Co: Fine, Elasticity

Po: Pore Care

Vb: Fresh, Cool

Ve: Nutrition, Glow

Wh: Bright, Whitening

Wr: Anti-aging, Elasticity

This sleeping mask has a clear and white gel like cream, and comes in a medicine like disposable packaging. Not much instructions on the product itself.

To use – pull the lid cover. There’s no spoon nor stirrer provided, but you will need one to mix the product.

Mix it until it turns white.

Get your spoon and scoop out the product.

Verdict – it has a mild fragrance in it. The product it self is like gel, but the consistency is like that of a cream. It’s quite sticky in the morning, though I can still manage it.

I find it expensive, but looks like my face improved from the first use and no breakouts nor irritations happened.



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