A Great Way to Fly with Singapore Airlines

What’s a great way to start a splendid vacation? Choose the best available airline.

Booked a flight in Singapore Airlines going to Singapore. Plane tickets includes 30kg of check-in baggage. Magazines, earphones, pillow, and blanket are readily available for inflight guests. Guests may opt to get a Singapore newspaper upon plane entrance.

There was no dull moment during the flight, as screen is available on every seat. In flight guests get to choose which movie, tv series to watch, or may also opt to choose available musics. Controller is available on every seat as well.

As for the in flight food, I was given an option to choose between fish and fries, or chicken and pasta. Every meal was served with bread, veggies and salad/quinoa salad. Then to top-up my night flight, I requested for a glass of red wine while I’m watching Wonder Woman. During my flight, we were also given an ice cream, in celebration of their 70 years of service. Cheers!

The travel was short though, approximately 3 hours, but it’s the best airline I’ve ridden to SG. I’m surely be booking the same airline if I decided to go back to Singapore.

It’s a great way to fly indeed.


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