People in Haven Bistro Boracay

It was our last day in Boracay, and we got no place for breakfast. 11:30am is the agreed time with our service to fetch us and send us to the airport.

It’s almost 9am, and we haven’t decided where to eat.

5 minutes past 9, we headed to station 3 to have our breakfast at The Sunny Side cafe, unfortunately, there’s no available table for us. In our dismay, we walked back to station 2. While on our way back, we past by Haven Bistro Boracay. Seeing there’s no customers eating inside, we decided to eat there.

Around 9:20, we started ordering our food. After almost 30 mins, 4 foreign people came in, and two of them were served in an instant, and after 5 mins, the other 2 were served. And that’s when the story starts.

We followed up the staff, thinking why the 4 foreign were served first. There was also a part wherein the staff said “15-20 mins ang prepare ng pagkain (Preparation time is 15-20 mins).” , then my friend answered “we’ve ordered 30 mins ago.” Then the staff answered “ah talaga? Wala pang 30 mins yun (Really?! (using her bitch tone) that wasn’t 30 mins ago).” So that’s when me and friends got irritated. And when we got served, we noticed that the other 2 new foreigners were served in an instant.

After the incident, I contacted the restaurant manager and told her the whole story. After which, the issue has been settled. And that’s when we knew that the foreigners ordered the night before.

HERE’s the twist.

Around 11:50AM, the manager sent me a message and asking if I left something. Then and there, just when I realized that I left my GoPro. And told her if someone can send it to me.

To make the story short, the GoPro was sent to me by one of their staffs. At first, their staff doesn’t want to receive the tip, but he accepted it because I kept on insisting. Here’s our photo.

Bottomline: Despite of the news coming out about the stealing crimes around Boracay, there are still some people who’s trust worthy and the people from Haven Bistro Boracay are. They got my whole trust and respect. With that, I would like to extend my gratitude to Ms Eele Sorongon of Haven Bistro, and Janel, who sent my GoPro from Boracay Island to Caticlan Airport! Sorry for the hassle, and kudos to your team. Im so grateful! Thank you so much!!




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