December Hoards

I went to Watsons, and challenged myself to buy all I need in this place. Note that all these products were brought out of curiosity.

Since I’ve been meddling with dry, sad hair, I opted to switch from a bottle full of chemicals, to sulfate free shampoo. I haven’t been using this for a long time yet, but I can say, I’m loving the scent of the Hask orchid (P399.00).

My shower gel ran out, and good thing I saw Watson’s Naturals Rice Bran Cream Bath. It’s sold for less than P200.

Also, I ran out of deo, and I decided to get Belo’s deo. Im loving the original scent, and it’s keeps me dry all day.

Another product I got is the belo BB cream, with free lipstick. Got this for less than P200. I don’t use much lipstick though, Im planning to give this away soon. 🙂

All of these products will be reviewed soon. So watch out! ❤️


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