[Review] Beachborn Lip Balm

Have you seen a lip balm, and lip sugar scrub rolled into one? I have emptied one sugar balm already, and repurchased again.

Beachborn, 100% all-natural ingredients, handcrafted products, which is great for everyday use, and for lactating women.

Not only perfect for an on-the-go women like me, but it’s also a guilt-free product even if you swipe it on your lips gazillion times.

By the way, I got two variants, sun balm, and repurchased bam balm.

Sun balm

❤️ 25 SPF

❤️ Taste and smells like bubble gum. Can’t resist licking my lips 😂

❤️ Leaves my lips moisturized, even if I’m inside an air-conditioned room all day.

Bam Balm

❤️ Made with real sugar

❤️ Can’t stop licking my lips. Yummy and fun way to do lip scrubbing.

❤️ Effective product to nourish and scrub down the lips, making it supple, heals dry lips and brings back the natural color.

Both of these are not overrated. Bam Balm retails at P168 ($3) and sun balm retails at P128 ($2.5).


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