[REVIEW] This Product Broke My Skin

Bought these masks because of curiosity that lead me to regret the night I used this.

This mask costs me 35 pesos or 0.7$. Cheap right? The price was very enticing, and what more if a Korean is the one who’s selling it to you, wouldn’t you not bite the bait? Sadly, I did.

Okay, so without delaying you guys, here’s my verdict.

Disclaimer: we all have different skin types. Skin reacts differently to every ingredients. What may works for me, may not work for you and vice versa.

Scent – it has a strong scent, but in a nice way. Super good scent to the point that you’ll question if it’s good on your skin.

Product serum- it has a lot. I mean tons of runny serum.

Mask – the mask fits right.

Effectivity – not effective, no improvements after usage.

Just to add, seconds after I placed the mask on my face, there’s this noticeable tingly sensation running through my face which bothered me for a moment. But I decided to disregard it and wait for 15 minutes. After using the mask, I didn’t see any changes nor improvements at all. The very next day, I got several itchy bumps (see photo below), Im hoping these wouldn’t turn into pimples 😦 hayst! A great way to embrace 2018!

Will I repurchase? NO

Will I use it again? NO

Will I recommend it? Sorry, but I won’t

I’m already thinking of throwing the remaining pack away. Or, anyone wants to try it?


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