Fashion for Less: Summer look. Cheap but Trendy.

If you think being fashionable is expensive, don’t fret, think again. Don’t let budget ruin your fashion. If you’re living around Metro Manila, there’s plenty of accessible stalls / establishments that sells cheap clothes.

On this post, I’ll share where I got my clothes, how much for the whole outfit, and how I bargain.

It’s summer here in Manila, and the weather is “HELLa” crazy. To cope up with the deadly heat, I see to it that my summer pieces are thin, not figure hugging, and light.

For my top, I want it simple and white. On this photo, Im wearing a crop top white, which I got from Baclaran, Pasay. This top is P50 pesos. 50 pesos for wholesale, and 70 pesos for retail.

It can be paired with high waist shorts, culottes or skirt. But on this photo, I paired this with culottes with side slit.

I got my culottes with slit for P150 pesos, also got this from Baclaran, Pasay. This is actually my current fave rave from Baclaran. It’s thin, but not so see through, like a chiffon fabric type. I opted to wear a cycling shorts underneath as the slit is a bit high. I got the cycling shorts for P40 pesos.

Summed it all up, my whole outfit is only P240 pesos. So cheap right? But still trendy.

Additional: *sponsored*

My head piece was sponsored by Vaseline 🙂 This was included in the #IamCityReady kit. I decided to wear this to cap off my summer look.

I tied it around my head. Since I showed of my cute side bang(s), (I really don’t know to call it), I placed the knot at the back of my neck, to make it look cleaner.

My look. I always want to look as simple and neat as possible. ❤️



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